I’ve fallen in love with the Herrarte Family and their journey, they’re such a resilient family that has overcome so much…all in the name of love, family, and God. At the beginning of July, Jordan had contacted me through The Tiny Footprints Project to document their time in the NICU here at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children (Click here to see their TTFP session). They were the sweetest couple! During each session I chat with the family while working with them and their little one and they mentioned that their oldest girl, Luna, is also a NICU graduate. Due to their long commute to Huntsville from their home in Moulton, Luna had not met her baby brother, Leo.

Fast forward a few weeks, Jordan and Vladimir found out from the doctors that Leo was going home! Yay!! Jordan contacted me once again to see I was available to capture their family being reunited as a whole for the very first time…YES, YES, YES! I was thoroughly honored that they thought of me to capture this special time in their lives.

Following each session, I bring the clients back into the studio so that I can reveal their images to them and help them select the images that they would like to receive, during this meeting I take the time to chat once again and get to know my client a little better. I love hearing everyone’s journey and the Herrarte family have an amazing one! Jordan was explaining to me that an underlying theme of their family is that they always have these long moments of separation followed by these amazing reunions…this one included. Her stories made me truly appreciate what I was apart of and made me feel even more honored that they chose me to capture this special time in their family’s life. Thank you so much for having me!!