In Hawaii the word “Keiki” means Child and the word “Kine” can really mean anything…lol…it’s too hard to explain. This brand name fits the clothing and Naleisha, the designer, so well! Naleisha and I have known each other for years, ever since middle school. I was fortunate enough to go to the same school throughout my entire life, from Kindergarten through my senior year. It’s a wonderful thing to know that I have friends that I’ve known for most of my life and can say that we have literally grown up together. Naleisha and I had kept in touch loosely through social media since graduating from high school–I had not lived in Hawaii since graduating. She had followed my photography journey, while I followed her children’s apparel journey, and we both followed each other’s motherhood journey…the power of social media!

When Naleisha launched her clothing brand she had shot me a message on Facebook asking me if I would take some photographs of the outfits on my kids and post them to social media if she sent me a few samples of her clothing…Um, YES! Fast forward a few months, we found out that we were going home to Hawaii and I immediately contacted Naleisha telling her that I’m coming home if she wants to do a shoot for her brand, she said yes, and it was fate!

We chatted over email prior to me arriving in Hawaii about her goals for the session, she wanted it to be fun, and reflect local (to Hawaii) kids and the culture that they grow up in…just like her clothes do. She gave me two suggestions for a shooting location and I immediately got excited about the second…eating Shaved Ice!! There’s nothing like eating shaved ice on a hot Hawaiian day!

Here are some great images from the Keiki Kine Design shoot…I enjoyed every fun, messy, and sticky moment of it! Check out Naleisha’s cute clothing at: