Capturing your Everyday Workshop

tips, equipment, composition, & lighting

Dust off that DSLR camera you got for Christmas or has been sitting around because it’s too heavy to lug around! As a Mom and photographer, my passion has been capturing my children and their “littleness”. My goal for you is that you’ll learn how to properly use your camera to document your own children, making the everyday things you do special. During this class, you’ll have an opportunity to learn how your camera works in Manual Mode to take a better photograph of your children. Learn how to manipulate your settings to get the outcome you want to see. Any and all DSLR cameras are welcome!

Here’s the content that we’ll cover:

  • Tips for how to better capture your children and your everyday lives

  • Equipment: cameras, lens choices, and learning your camera settings and how it works

  • Composition: How angles and context help to take a better and more meaningful picture

  • Lighting: All the basics to understand it, specifically natural light

The 3 hour workshop at Artis Studio will be broken up into different lessons

  1. Capturing your everyday

  2. Photography Basics

  3. Hands-on practice

  4. A short headshot session for each participant with Gari-Ann

You’ll have an opportunity to practice all the new skills that you’ve learned, get one-on-one guidance with Gari-Ann as you practice and a chance to ask questions throughout the experience.


 In addition to all these juicy info all participants will get a full handout on the topics covered for future reference, and will be able to join a Facebook group for members to keep practicing post class!